Electromagnetism and Electromagnet

When current passes through a conductor, the magnetic field will be generated around the conductor and the conductor becomes a magnet. This phenomenon is called electromagnetism.  Since the magnet is produced by electric current, hence it is called the electromagnet. An electromagnet is a type of magnet in which the magnetic field is produced by … Read more

SPM Form 5 Chemistry Chapter 3 – Electromagnetism

Introduction to Magnetism (Revision) Electromagnet Electric Bell Electromagnetic Relay Circuit Breaker Telephone Earpiece Straight Wire (Video 1) Flat Coil Solenoid Apllications of Electromagnet Force on a Current Carrying Conductor Moving Coil Meter Direct Current Motor Loud Speaker Turning Effect of a Current-Carrying Coil in a Magnetic Field Force between 2 Current Carrying Conductor Electromagnetic Induction DC … Read more