Vector Resolution

Vector Resolution

A vector can be resolve into 2 component which is perpendicular to each others.


Diagram above shows a lorry pulling a log with an iron cable. If the tension of the cable is 3000N and the friction between the log and the ground is 500N, find the horizontal force that acting on the log.


Horizontal component of the tension
= 3000 cos30° =2598N

Friction = 500N

Resultant horizontal force
= 2598N – 500N =2098N


The diagram above shows two forces of magnitude 25N are acting on an object of mass 2kg. Find the acceleration of object P, in ms-2.

Horizontal component of the forces
= 25cos45° + 25cos45° = 35.36N

Vertical component of the forces
= 25sin45° – 25sin45° = 0N

The acceleration of the object can be determined by the equation

F = ma
(35.36) = (2)a
a = 17.68 ms-2

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