Film Badge (Dosimeter)

Film Badge (Dosimeter)

  1. Film badge dosimeters are small portable devices used to monitor cumulative radiation dose due to ionizing radiation.
  2. The device consists of two parts: photographic film and a holder.
  3. The film emulsion is black and white photographic film with varying grain size to affect its sensitivity to incident radiation.
  4. The ionisation effect by the radioactive rays will decompose silver bromide crystal on the film.
  5. All the α-particle, β-particle and γ-ray can be detected by a photograph film.
  6. Films are kept in the badges worn by workers as a tracer device of radioactive rays.


  1. The major advantages of using a film badge dosimeter to detect radioactivity are that it provides a permanent record,
  2. It can measure doses due to different types of radiation. 


  1. The main disadvantage of using a film badge dosimeter is that it usually cannot be read on site and must be sent to be processed in order to prove the presence of radioactive rays).
  2. The film dosimeters are for one-time use only and cannot be reused.