Structure Question – Oscillation

Diagram \(2.1\) shows a loaded spring oscillating vertically in water. The oscillating system experiences damping.
Diagram \(2.2\) shows the displacement-time graph for the oscillating system.

  1. Underline the correct answer in the bracket to complete the sentence below.
    Damping is a situation when the (amplitude, wavelength) of the oscillation decreases. [1 mark]
  2. State one reason why damping occurs in the oscillating system. [1 mark] 
    Energy lost due to friction.
  3. Based on Diagram 2.2,
    1. state the period of the oscillating system. [1 mark] 
    2. what is the frequency of the oscillating system? [1 mark] 
      f &=\frac{1}{0.4} \\
      &=2.5 Hz
  4. What will happen to the period of the oscillating system when a heavier load is used? [1 mark]