Scalar and Vector Quantities

Scalar Quantity

  1. Scalars are quantities which are fully described by a magnitude alone.
  2. Magnitude is the numerical value of a quantity.
  3. Examples of scalar quantities are distance, speed, mass, volume, temperature, density and energy.

Vector Quantity

  1. Vectors are quantities which are fully described by both a magnitude and a direction.
  2. Examples of vector quantities are displacement, velocity, acceleration, force, momentum, and magnetic field.

    Categorize each quantity below as being either a vector or a scalar.

    Speed, velocity, acceleration, distance, displacement, energy, electrical charge, density, volume, length, momentum, time, temperature, force, mass, power, work, impulse.
    Scalar Quantities:

    • speed
    • distance
    • energy
    • electrical charge
    • density
    • volume
    • length
    • time
    • temperature
    • mass
    • power
    • work

    Vector Quantities

    • velocity
    • acceleration
    • displacement
    • momentum
    • force
    • impulse

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